Diya - Womens Sling Bag-Biege

Diya - Womens Sling Bag-Biege

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  • Made with sustainable fabrics: Hand dyed jute and Kalamkari block printed cotton fabric. 
  • Natural color exterior with Kalamkari floral printed trim, lining and handle
  • Handmade by Artisans of Andhra pradesh and Telangana, India.
  • Sturdy medium size bag with one interior zip pocket and two slip pocket; 
  • Zip closure; convenient outside zip pocket. 54" fully adjustable removable shoulder strap can be adjusted to convert the bag from a cross body bag to satchel.
  • Imperfections in the fabrics are part of the design. A testimony that it is handmade.Spot clean with mild detergent.

About Kalamkari

Kalamkari is an ancient art of fabric printing fabric using vegetable dyes and wooden blocks. This art of printing fabric is very specific to a town in Andhra Pradesh, India. A complex and highly skilled art of block printing fabric is passed on generation to generation in certain families. The process is not only fascinating but It is completely eco friendly, natural and hand made.This art of printing fabric is at risk of becoming obsolete. The new generation is reluctant to practice this craft as it is labour intensive and not economically viable.


Green Jute blocks are specially crafted by presidential award winning craftsmen Mr.Gangadhar. Our custom designed motifs are chiseled on Teak wood. This process can take days depending on the complexity. The block is soaked in oil for couple of weeks and is than ready for printing.

Vegetable dyes

Pomegranate peel, Ventilago madras patna, Butea frondosa , Mimosa catechu are used to make vegetable dyes.  black colour is made from iron,  jaggery and salt water. A mud jar with these ingredients are tightly sealed and buried in  6” deep pit for 21 days.

 Preparing the cloth for printing.

The cloth is prepped for printing by soaking it over night in Myrabalam juice. This gives the cloth off white color and prepares the cloth to absorb the vegetable dyes. 

Boiling, starching and washing

After printing each color, the fabric is boiled in a copper vessel using leaves, barks, dry roots and flowers. This enhances and changes the colors. The fabric is dried in sun to resume printing. 

A thick rice paste is applied to prepare the fabric for next round of printing.  pinks, yellows, greens and blues are not boiled.

The printed cloth is washed in flowing water. The canal or the river must have sand underneath the water to avoid smudging the colors. The fabric is dried in the sun. The kalamkari fabric is now ready.

Prepping Jute to make Custom designed GreenJute bags. 

Jute is soaked in water before Vat dyeing by hand in custom colors. It is washed and sun dried before It is ready to be crafted into GreenJute bags.












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